Get Youtube Video Channel RSS Feed URL in 2 Seconds!

Another quick entry, courtesy this guy -
I was looking for the RSS feed of one of my Youtube Channels but well, lets just say couldn't find it on Youtube. So of course I google it, and this guy Rick Neilsen just did it for me in less than 2 seconds.

Here it goes -
If you got a youtube channel, simply replace the text 'YourYouTubeUsername" from the link below with the name of the channel. AND ITS DONE.

Helpful or not? Let me know! 
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Correct Twitter Profile Image Size

What is the best resolution/size for a twitter profile picture?
This is going to be a quick little post. For all the social media blokes trying to fit in that perfect Twitter profile pic and struggling to not see a cropped, ill-fitted display picture... here is the trick.
You can upload any format or size (but as mentioned by Twitter) as long as you have a square image. Yes! That simple.
Twitter will automatically compress the image to fit in perfectly on the profile - whether it is the one on profile or the little thumbnails that show on the timeline.
So bottom line, SQUARE shaped image needs to be uploaded i.e. equal length and breadth.

Go ahead, try it. Come back and give your feedback if it works (or doesn't work)! :)
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Two Awesome Ways to Find Duplicate Page Titles [How - To]

As anybody in SEO knows pretty well, Page Title is one of the most important element in optimizing for search. It is high-priority on Google's list as well as Bing and Yahoo. They serve two main purposes - 1. Getting you in SERP's (Search Engine Ranking Positions) and 2. Making the searcher click on your listing (if written with focus). Ergo, two most important aspects are covered by it, your search engine rankings and your CTR for organic listings.

Google recommends all Page Titles to be different and unique in order to avoid factors referring to a page as duplicate. It helps the search engines give due credibility to the original pages and not split up points or penalize the site. Note: There are many more factors that calls for duplication, not page titles alone. But it is highly significant to have separate page titles nevertheless. Large portals, e-commerce sites face these issues in abundance due to similar product ranges, manufacturer content and more. If you have thousands of pages indexed on the site, it's crucial that you do a page title duplication check. Here are two effective ways of how to check duplicate page titles.

1. Google Webmaster Tools (I love these people, I do)

Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and under Diagnostics > HTML suggestions you will find Google's own analysis of the indexed pages with duplicate page titles and other meta content including description. What more can you ask for. You can further export the list of URLs in CSV and work through it. Easy?

Traditionally used to check broken links, it can very well be used to identify similar page titles. Just run your site and then sort the TITLE heading ... all the similar page titles will group together. It will even include the image titles and all.

You may have to be patient with Xenu in case of large sites in order to take into account all links, but it'll get the work done!

I have tried and tested both these duplicate page title finder tools. Both have their own advantages, in fact, it's better to use the two together for a thorough approach and iron out any loopholes.

Please share your ideas and experiences to find duplicate page titles or other duplicate content too!

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Graph - Discount Buying Wins Hands Down in Indian Online Market

Will you be as amazed as I was when I saw this graph! Snapdeal way ahead in race in Indian online market, showing a massive and consistent climb in a very short period of one year. FashionAndYou also performing consistently. Clearly, Indian online buyers are pro towards the idea of discount and collective buying.

Having experienced first hand, it's easy to conclude that SMS and Email marketing with their targeted approach have really worked out well in favor of Snapdeal and FashionAndYou, tempting potential consumers to log in regularly. No wonder they have established themselves so well in such a shot period. Do Flipkart and Infibeam need to follow the suit? (previously known as and also working around well. Yebhi wants to successfully replicate the 'Zappos' model in Indian ecommerce market, whereas HomeShop18 relies heavily on infomercial and newspaper advertising.

Quick wonderings:

  • What do you think about the increasing trend on online buying in India? 
  • Which is the Indian model for Groupon? [Btw, I recently stumbled upon]
  • How much are Indian Online Stores utilizing Social Media in engaging consumers?
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Youtube Marketing Guide - How to Drive Traffic to Your Site from Youtube

Every one of us has used YouTube one time or the other from ‘Just fun’ to Informational to Business Use. I don’t think a single day passes by when I have not seen 2-3 YouTube videos in a day for some or the other reason. YouTube gets more than 2 Billion Visitors a Day, with average person spending around 15 minutes on it every day. (Whoa! - Big numbers for marketers)
YouTube Image
Needless to say, today YouTube has thus gained an iconic status where it has created overnight Sensations in the world through its phenomenal Viral Effect – I am sure you’ve heard of Susan Boyle or the Gillette Guy. Not to forget the ever so popular Justin Bieber is said to have started his journey here.

What’s so great about YouTube?
  • It’s the best way to generate a massive viral affect. (I am not saying it, see the results)
  • People have started preferring Audio visual aids then written word. It’s the shifting trend.
  • It’s extremely search engine friendly.
  • A video is far more credible to establish brand identity & recall. (Many have become celebrities of their field)
Bottom line – It would be highly unwise to not include YouTube in your Social Media & Viral marketing strategy.

So how can you drive traffic from YouTube to your site?

YouTube marketing has a simple theory. More Number of Views = More Traffic to Your Site.
Therefore the Key is to strive for high amount of views on your video, rest all will fall into place.
Just like a website or a blog post – you need to take care of the on page + off page optimization and marketing of YouTube video (or channel). Poorly constructed profiles and descriptions are a kick in your own butt. It’s not too much work, but does require diligence.
Pull It! (Helps you with improved search rankings & pulling traffic)
  1. Tags - of extreme importance on YouTube, the Search results ranking from YouTube or search engine is much dependent on these. Use proper Tags (Just like Keywords) and utilize the word limit to max. Long Tail Tags are also fine.
  2. Description – a thorough yet useful description of the video is a must. You can try adding few keywords too. Please don’t forget to add the ‘Hyperlink URL’ in your description area. If it isn’t linked, there are far less chances of user going to your website. Also fill the website field in profile details.
  3. Thumbnail – It’s really important to have an eye-catching thumbnail. YouTube suggests thumbnails and you should select one that is most appealing. The graphic stimulus is very strong while selecting which video to click of from all the results.
  4. Title – Just like selecting the title of a blog post, it’s important to select a keyword rich but relevant title for your YouTube video. Try not to keep it same as 10 other videos on the site (do some research). Instead follow the Keywords + Catchy Formula
Push It! (for the viral effect and marketing)
  1. Direct Videos on Site - Have your videos run on the home page or other relevant pages of your blog/website. Not only a treat to your visitors but will increase the number of video views and thus improve the overall video rankings on YouTube.
  2. Watermarks & Links - In the video itself, you need to add a static link of your website in a prominent way – possibly multiple times to reinstate it in the viewers mind. Preferably have a 3-5 second long Website Credit in the start and end page. You can alternatively use Watermark throughout the video.
  3. LinkedTube - YouTube does not allow linking the video in any way on the site, however the embedded player can be enhanced with the use of tools like LINKEDTUBE which lets you add an active link to your website. It’s a fantastic add on and will improve the traffic to your website.
  4. Activity Sharing - Under the settings panel on your YouTube account, you’ll find ACTIVITY SHARING which automatically connect your video to number of social networking sites. USE IT.
  5. Optimize Visibility - Use your YouTube video / channel link in your email signatures, site and other collaterals. The more distributed -> more viral affect -> more reverse traffic to site.
  6. Bookmarking & Sharing - Add & share the Videos to your Facebook Pages and Profiles. Bookmark them in essential sites like Digg, Reddit, and stumbleupon.  (It’s all about cross- marketing).
  7. YouTube Networking – Start commenting on other relevant videos and encouraging comments on your own videos. You need to Network with other YouTuber’s to start building a community leading to consistent traffic.
Also, some people must be wondering why I haven’t mentioned FEATURED videos – Frankly, if you dwelling too much on it then you are wasting valuable time which can be used to focus on sure shot methods. Leave that to chance or in case you have lots of money.
P.S – None of this will really work if you are making crappy & boring videos. Content Rules.

This was originally a guest post by me for a dear friend and excellent online marketer on his blog. (themarketingweekly)

To stay updated about the latest on the blog, Subscribe to the Blog Email updates (Here) or Connect with me on Twitter

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How to Make Blogger Template More Search Engine (SEO) Friendly

Though my site is hosted on blogger, I will be honest and not fail to say that I find Wordpress much more search engine welcoming then blogger, the results sometimes amaze me. It’s not just because of the add-ons they offer but also the basic structure of templates is built that way. But Blogger is not far either; some tweaks can bring you at par with Wordpress quite fast. They have definitely helped my nascent blog. Instead of searching for a SEO friendly Blogger Template, you can just make a couple of improvements in existing one and it's good to go! How have I made my blogger template more search engine friendly? Let’s Roll - 

Add Meta Content
Add relevant Meta Data to make your blogger site more search engine optimized i.e. Meta Description & Meta Keywords. Make sure your Meta description is in form of sentence and legible long tail phrase instead of keywords. That’s how search engines prefer it. Save the Keywords for Meta Keywords area. Keep Meta description below 160 characters to be crisp, readable and avoid truncation.

Page Title Structure
Change the Page Titles from bloggers default setting i.e. [Blog title + Post Title] to only 
[Post Title] or [Post title + Blog title]
The first 6-7 words of your blog and page title are most important search strings for bots along with readability for users. For Example if your blog name is TechPeckXYZ and Your post is ‘How to Earn Money Online in an easy way’ then this should be your Page Title: [How to make money online in an easy way | Teckpeckxyz ]
instead of how its on blogger by default  [Techpeckxyz | How to make money online in an easy way]
Its much more of an issue when your Titles are longer, therefore its better to have post titles in start. 

Add H1, H2 Tags
Change your H1, H2 tags. Especially H1 tags. Usually Blogger by default assigns h2 or h3 tags to your post titles. YOU REALLY DON’T WANT THAT as that is exactly what you want to be searched on at first place ‘your posts’. Change Your Post title tags to H1 for sure.

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How to Use Technology to Stay Updated - Remain on Top of Your Work Field

Often you must have felt Outdated or Less in loop of Work and current happenings in spite of being from that industry, for that matter any walk of life. One does want to do it but again, chasing information becomes a problem – where to go, spend considerable time surfing the net, spend money and what not. All these become the ifs and buts of the lazy mind and thus end up being neglected.

Just being good at what you do is not enough these days. It’s equally important to Stay Up to date with latest happenings and information about your Industry & ancillaries especially if you are related to the every second changing Technology & Web Industry.

Thanks to Technology again, it’s become quite easy today. You don’t need to chase the information, it comes to you!

These are some easily and freely available ways that you can use to gather information automatically –

RSS Feeds
Every Site & Blog today has RSS / Atom Feeds to syndicate content. Just subscribe to it. Popular options to read RSS feeds on are 1. Inbox 2. Outlook RSS feeds 3. Your RSS Reader like Google Reader, Bloglines etc. Choose the one which is most convenient to you.

Google Alerts
This is my most favorite one. As if now, my Google alert count is 37. It sounds a lot maybe, but I can easily say that I know everything before my boss does :) .
How to Set up Google Alerts? Well that’s easy...

Go to > Fill the Search Term / Keywords You want to be notified about and enter other settings as suitable > Click Create Alert.
Tip: Remember like Search engines, Google alerts also differentiate between just BLOGGING TIPS or “BLOGGING TIPS”. Read in Detail here 

Be a Smart Surfer
Every time you are surfing and come across a blog or site which seems of interest or help, you must subscribe to its Newsletter or RSS Feeds. Indefinitely. I know we don’t like our inboxes to be junked, but it’s always an option to unsubscribe in case you want to in future – much better than trying to find the site later.

Use Social Media to the Max
As every main blog / site is now on social media mainly Twitter & Facebook you can follow or fan them and automatically new information about it would start showing in your timelines. Easy, Right?

Subscribe to Industry Leaders
Industry Leaders, e.g Mashable for Social Media, Engadget for Gadgets are not only information carriers but trend setters and opinion pools. Subscribe to them in one or the other way (from above)

Use all these methods and find out whether you had more information in the next meeting or someone else?

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Set Up Facebook Vanity URL - Get Username for Your Page

Facebook offers opportunity to set unique custom usersnames (Vanity Urls) for your profile or page. If you haven't already set up your username then the url would look something like

When you acquire the Username it would become (or whatever desired was available, usernames on facebook are subject to availability as they have to be unique)

Needless to say, its helpful in SEO & majorly in Branding your services online.

How to get customized facebook URLs for your page?

Sign in your facebook and go to this link:

Select your profile or page you want to get the Vanity Url for and Check for availability of your desired username. Once found - Your are set!

  • Only Pages with 25 or more fans / likes are eligible for customized url's.
  • Once set, you can't change the URL or make any modifications to it. Be careful while selecting.
Also Read>> How to Import You Email List on Facebook & Increase Fan Base

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Easily Convert PPT to Video with Multiple Benefits

How to Convert Powerpoint presentation (PPT) to Video for Free? 
I searched a lot for this solution as sometimes my work requires me to post presentations / videos across web; came across many softwares but din't find anything satisfying or convenient till I came across this post by Amit Agarwal on his blog which solved my problem. Thanks a ton for that!

A lot of you must have heard of AUTHORSTREAM, an online presentation sharing engine that allows you to upload your Power Point presentations online for free.

It allows you to upload any Power point presentation upto 1 GB in PPT, PPS, PPTX and PPSX formats. Once you have uploaded the presentation (with or without music) you can now simply convert your ppt to a video file absolutely free. Here's how

1. Upload the Presentation
2. Go to 'Your Presentations' under 'Your Stuff'
3. Find the Convert to Video option next to your presentation in dashboard and hit it

Depending on your presentation file size it will take some time to convert into video. After the process is completed, you can download it through the download video icon

Little Heads up > there are chances of your video quality not being as good as your presentation. But it totally works. 

Other benefits of using Authorstream -
1. Authorstream is great for SEO purpose. The site is excellent and can get you indexed easily for keywords. Make sure you fill proper details and tags.

2. You can integrate Authorstream with Youtube! Authorstream will automatically send your converted presentations to Youtube without any effort. This will save you another bunch load of time 

3. Authorstream itself is a highly popular site (4141 Alexa rank), Your links and videos on the site gives you more visibility & branding.

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Interesting little Gmail Tip with Giant Uses!

A lot of you must have heard or read about this Gmail Hack (or probably a feature) which can be really useful for management of emails and other linked accounts. It can be a fine answer to "how to to manage gmail account better"

Here we go -

Lets say, This is your gmail email id:

Now, These are also your Gmail Ids

Well Gmail does not identify the [.] character. It only reads the sequence of letters. So you can insert the [.] anywhere on the Email id (even multiple) and the email shot will always reach your main inbox i.e.
That was the first hack.

Another way for creating similar email id's is -
All these are also same and you will end up receiving email to your main inbox again i.e.

How can you use this gmail feature?
1. You can have your social media or registrations on other sites linked to these email id's. For e.g. you can create multiple twitter accounts with the single email id using the feature. No need to create number of email id's. (It's been six months since I am using this modified email id with a twitter account and I have had no issues till date, I hope it goes on)

2. Instead of using x no. of email address and inboxes on various sites, all your email management can be routed to this one inbox. If you label the different id's to related tags (labels as called in gmail), you can have a much smoother email time. Like I route all my twitter emails to whereas my actual id is
The labeling option combined with this gmail id hack helps me easily identify the reason and source of email.

Thats that for now. Looking forward to comments if that was helpful! 

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How to Manage Twitter Account Completely with Zero Expense & Minimum Efforts

Twitter is a prime source for traffic and visibility for your blog or site in todays time. Whether you are managing your own blog or a company account, You just can't afford to miss out on it. It's not just a place to publicize the blog but also connect with your readers which in turn will reap multiplying benefits. Most of the companies and bloggers use Twitter API's rather then Twitter the site for their daily management of Twitter. Blogging beginners often are on limited budgets and time to dedicate to this important medium, but there are ways in which anyone can manage their twitter accounts without spending much (or nothing) and save a lot of time on tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of time. 

Often people ask 'How to manage my twitter account most effectively' - Lets learn more about A to Z of Twitter Management

Following are the basic functions a twitter account holder usually needs to undertake - 

1. Follow People in your niche and your target readers
2. Unfollow people who are not following you back or you simply don't want to anymore
3. Send Direct Messages to People who have followed you.
4. Post your content and other interesting tweets daily. 

Twitter can take up a lot of your time in doing trivial stuff and efforts need to be made to become most effective and save a lot of time which can be used for other puposes.

Which API's to use for what? 

1. Follow / Unfollow - 
I have used many Follow Unfollow Twitter API's but nothing beats TWEEPI. Its really very simple to use and offers features like -

Follow - Follow people of your niche in bulk
Flush - Unfollow anybody who is not following you back in bulk
Clean up - Spring cleaning of your twitter account
Reciprocate - People following you but you not following them back. 
It's very convenient to use and processes login via OAuth so a completely reliable service. 

You can also try using Friendorfollow, another popular application but it can consume much more time then Tweepi in follow and unfollow functions.

Tip: Remember to not get carried away in following and unfollowing in bulk, Twitter notices it and might flag your Twitter account for suspension (Read my unusual Experience). I like to stick to less then 100 follow and unfollow in a day rule to be on safer side.

2. Automated Follow Back & Direct Message to Twitter Followers
SOCIALOOMPH is an easy and convenient application to use to automatically follow back and send automated direct messages to new followers. It's not recommended to be Robotic in all your interactions with Twitter followers - always make an effort to reach out to them on a personal note as well even if you are using such applications.
SocialOomph offers a plethora of other services also, including statistical data of your twitter accounts which will be a great option to explore.

3. Daily Tweets and Content Management
There is no end to how many desktop and web applications out there for this purpose like Tweetdeck, Seesmic, CoTweet, Tweetfeed, Su.Pr, Echofon etc etc - the application which is most useful is HOOTSUITE. It has almost everything you'd need from Scheduling tweets, multiple social network streams, Team work & Delegation, Google Analytics, URL shorten, Photo upload, Bookmarklet (Hootlet) and many more. It's web based so you can use from anywhere - office, work, someone else's work :) . Only thing I don't like about Hootsuite is that it's a little slow, just a little bit. But not enough to not use it. 
You can also automate your Blog content to twitter or other social networks through RSS feeds. It just does it all!

Twitter Phone Apps - Most phones today offer great Twitter Apps like UberTwitter in Blackberry. If you have access to such a phone then it can come in really handy for instant and personal interactions with your twitter folks. USE IT. 

As a newbie to Social media I had wasted a lot of time not knowing about such tools, I hope it saves yours atleast. Please share with everyone in comments section if you have better options for twitter management - Would love to use some!

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Lesser Known SEO Tips & Tricks to Increase Traffic

There are thousands of SEO & Blogging articles floating around the web which talk about the usual cliche SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips. Today I want to share few SEO tips which will help you optimize your site and blogs to niche words and queries. They have certainly made a difference to my nascent blog

1. Use of Tags & Labels
Surely everyone of us know about Tags & Labels in Wordpress, Blogger but not all realize that the words you use as Tags or Labels are Key Phrases for Blog. Always add 2-3 Keywords and Phrases to every post at the least. Use the Kind of Keywords you want to be searched for, and don't resist using low volume keywords or Long tail keywords. More precise the keywords > Lesser the Competition > More the Traffic 
To quote an example, My blog is very recent, not enough back links & no page rank etc  - but I already get traffic from SEO for search terms like "New Digg Pros cons" or "Facebook Tab Sizes".

2. Add the Labels (or Tag) Widget to your blog. You can have it in any part of the layout, but it's always better to have the widget present as it helps the Search engine crawlers to read the text. 

3. Review & Tweak your SEO performance continuously
To start with another example, Earlier I wrote a post "How to Untrack own visits from Blogger" - this post is successfully on top of SERP (Search engine results page) for its key words, but I saw a lot of people looking for "Stop tracking own page views in blogger" for which my post was not coming in results. I had not used the words 'Stop Tracking' anywhere in the original post, but on review I added the 'Stop Tracking' Keyword and now the same post is completely optimized for all important keywords. The change in search results took effect in less then 2 days.

4. Anchor Text and Inlinking
On Review, a lot of new posts that you create can be linked to your old posts with Anchor Texts easily. Also don't forget to go back and tweak the old posts with Anchor texted links to newer posts. Links from your own site to your own site also mean a lot to Search engines. Its a great combination of SEO and Usability.

Its really very important to keep reviewing your posts and cross check on search engines to find out what you have missed on and make the relevant corrections. Make it a once a week mandatory routine to for blog analysis and review. 

5. Importance of DEEP Linking
We want to create a lot of backlinks, but probably 98% of bloggers work hard only to create backlinks for their Homepage (main URL). We forget to deep link our blog / site pages i.e. generating back links for other pages on the blog. Why is Deep Linking Important - In simplest words, when search engines see a lot of back links to plenty of pages on the site, they know it's a site with a lot of worthwhile content, thus the overall site is weighed higher in Search Algorithms. Therefore create a healthy blend of backlinks for your main page as well as internal pages. 

6. Create Descriptive Posts
Search engines love content and the content around the content. So if your keywords are surrounded by more of your desired keywords - its better for your search results. Please don't get carried away and produce irrelevant content. Always, always, always make sense with every word.

Will have more SEO tips for you in later posts, Stay tuned! 

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Facebook Contact Importer Tool - Easy Way to Use Email Lists to Increase Your Fan Base

Update: Those who can't find Facebook Contact Importer Tool in new design, scroll down the post to find out.
Facebook recently added a new feature to its fan pages. A Facebook Contact Importer Tool which will help you send invites to your Selected Email List. Lot of fan page admins must have already seen this notification on top of the page.

The feature works just like the how we find our friends through importing contacts from our address books as a person on facebook or other sites. After importing the list all the non fans of your page will be shown and you can select who all the invitation to join needs to be sent. Quite simple.

You can either upload a .CSV file (mostly) or Import directly through your web email address book like that of Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. For desktop clients like Outlook, outlook express you will need to first export your address books and save them as csv files and then upload to this contact uploader. A detailed step by step guide for all is given like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac, Palm etc during the process itself.

Its a very convenient tool to use and makes your contact management really easy. Imagine wanting all your previous clients know about your facebook page? No need to use the Email blasters or anything! 3-4 clicks and all your clients would know about your facebook page. A must use tool for people with New Facebook fan pages to get the initial number of Fans.

If you don't see the notification on top of your page, just go to Edit page and find Contact Importer.

How to use Facebook Contact Importer for Feedburner Email Subscribers? 
If you want to Send invitations to your Feedburner Email List through Facebook Contact Importer, as most of us use it for Syndication. Here's what to do -
Sign in to Feedburner > Go to your Feed > Click on Publicize > Under Email Subscriptions click on Subscription management > Scroll down and Find View Subscriber Details > Now click on Export CSV  and get your list to be uploaded on Facebook!

Do You Know - How to Install Facebook LIKE BOX to Your Blog? Find Out >

Update: New Location of Contact Importer - November 30th 2010
For all those who could not find the Contact Importer recently finally Facebook has added it again in new panel. So where is that MISSING Facebook contact importer now?
Go to Edit Page > Marketing > Tell Your Fans.  

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How to Change the Page Title of Blogger Posts (Default to Post Tags)

I had been looking forward to make this tweak in my blogger blog since quite sometime now - How to change Blogger Title Tags - because frankly, blogger feels a little slow in SEO then Wordpress!

Blogger by default places your blog name in the title and there is no way to change it unless you know some coding / html. For individual post pages the default title tag is First the blog name followed by the Post title, which takes your blog 1 step back in SEO for relevant traffic.

For e.g.
My home page tag is "Daily Brawls with Social Media & Marketing" (which is fine for home page btw)

The default title to this posts individual page, if I hadn't made the Tweak would have been:
"Daily Brawls with Social media & marketing - How to Change the Title of Blogger Posts (Default to Post Tags)"

This harms you in 2 ways -
1. If your page gets indexed in search results, the reader would probably only see " Daily brawls with Social Media & Marketing - How to Change......" . You'd certainly not want the reader to see just this vague title and skip your blog.
2. It is widely believed that Title tags should be kept precise and short (7-9 words). Rest of the words are probably ignored by the search engine bots... so that makes a hell lotta difference as all your keywords would come in redundant zone - really problematic with long title names. You wont wanna take that risk either.

Here's how you can change your blogger blog titles of individual posts to their post titles.

Go to Edit HTML in your Dashboard under Design
Now find this line:

Replace it with code below

1. If you want only the Post Title to be the Title Tag

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

2. If you want Post title + Your Blog Title to be the Title Tag

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> |<data:blog.title/></title>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

Personally I prefer the 2nd option. Take your pick.

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7 Must Have Firefox AddOns to Make Your Online Life Much Easier

BEST FIREFOX ADDONS for your daily needs

If you are new to Blogging or Internet marketing, chances are that a lot of your useful time is wasted in operational & trivial stuff. Like when you want to capture a particular part of the web page so you end up Print Screening and then using a photo editor to crop image and then save it back. Maybe one or two such requirements a day won’t be a hassle but what if you have to deal with trivial stuff in BULK everyday!

Firefox is awesome – It’s a God gift to people who want to increase efficiency and cut down on redundant time. (Google Chrome is trying to catch up, but I still recommend Firefox due to the vast number of Add Ons already available.)

Here’s a List of Top Firefox AddOn’s I just can’t do without, they’ll make your work much more convenient – Trust me, they are damn useful

1. Fireshot
You can capture any web page with fireshot in one click and save the image as per your choice in whatever format (png, jpeg, bmp etc). Great part about Fireshot is that you can directly send the captured images through email, or upload it to the web or open in external editor. Captures Flash as well. Can be used from Navigation tool bar as well as Bottom bar.

2. Pixlr Grabber 
Another great FireFox addon to capture web pages. Quite similar to Fireshot but lets you save in only PNG form. What's great about Pixlr Grabber? It lets you see the Dimensions of any defined area on the page making it a great tool for designers and bloggers to customize according to the given size.

3. Shorten URL
It lets you shorten long URL from context menu or toolbar button with your selected URL shortener and display the result in location bar. Supports more than 100 URL shorteners. (I use Its a great addon because it allows to convert any damn webpage into a (or whatever you choose) short link and thus makes it easy to place it anywhere like Twitter, Facebook etc.
Tip: If you use for all your short links, it becomes easier to track the click rate through site or the next add on I talk about.

4. Preview
Its simple, if you have this add on and mouse hover any link on the webpage, you'll get to see the original link and the Number of clicks on that link. Makes it easy for you to track which of your sent out links are more popular and analyze your content strategy. I just love this one. 
Tip: Place any short link on your location bar uptop, add +1 to its end and you will see the number of clicks for that link.

5. Morning Coffee 
How easy it would be to not type in or find the URLs of the sites you visit all the time? I have to  necessarily go through 15 websites everyday. Thank god for Morning Coffee Addon that I don't have to remember or manually open everything everyday I start my comp. Just hit it and all sites (pre set) will open at once in tabs.

6. Firebug
If you want to understand CSS, HTML etc then Firebug will put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. All the developers & designers I know use it. It might not be of a great usage if you are a non technical person, but can be very handy in understanding your blogs & sites.

7. Bookmark-let by Hootsuite: Hootlet 
If you are a massive twitter user (& Hootsuite user) I'd say you get this handy bookmarklet on your browser. It opens into a pop up window with the Title of the Page attached with the page's Hootsuite URL (, You don't have to type in the text anymore or manually shorten the URL, It's all there! Can be edited as per your need. I use it for the Title Text , remove the hootsuite url and add my one. 
It all adds up!

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Twitter Suspended My Account! What to do Next?

I know a few twitter users who have been through this problem - Twitter Account Suspension - One of them being me. 

My story is wee bit stranger then a lot of other users I guess. Because not just one, but 5 (of the many) of my twitter accounts had got suspended. Now you must be thinking I am a spammer or din't follow guidelines or I just don't know how to use twitter. 
Well - all my suspended twitter accounts got resumed - I hope that clarifies your doubts that I do know how to use it.

So here is the back drop -
1. I have never spammed.
2. 3 out of 5 were corporate accounts so there was no scope of any malicious activity, very selective tweets. 
3. Have never used automated (or shady) softwares. 
4. Never went for bulk follows or unfollows, max on a day went till 20-30
5. One of my accounts got suspended even before I could email verify it - Strange as hell.
6. Was not doing any cross tweets, marketing.  
7. All accounts were decent, different from each other, not serial accounts (over a period of 7 months)
8. No duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account. 

My only guess as to why my accounts were being suspended was that twitter tracks IP and so they thought it was a serial or spam account. 

Basically everything I was doing was within the boundaries of twitter leaving me to think
"Why has my Twitter account been suspended for no reason, What did I do?" 

Anyways - Once you are out of the deluded frustration, You'd want to get your account back. 
I got all of my accounts back, So am pretty good at this one :D

How to contest your twitter account suspension?

Raise a support ticket immediately, whether or not you have received a suspension email from them. Explain clearly why your account should not have been suspended. Please don't be a smart ***. This is business. 

You'll get response from someone in twitter team soon and hopefully if you have not violated any rules, your account will be resumed. This process might take 2-5 days. Keep checking your ticket status and respond suitably. (Here

Don't panic, like I did the first 2-3 times. If you are alright, they'll resume it hopefully.

Oh and why were my accounts suspended, Every time same reply - 
"Falsely caught is a spam cloud" 

Do you also have a twitter account suspension story? Share it with everybody! 

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