Twitter Suspended My Account! What to do Next?

I know a few twitter users who have been through this problem - Twitter Account Suspension - One of them being me. 

My story is wee bit stranger then a lot of other users I guess. Because not just one, but 5 (of the many) of my twitter accounts had got suspended. Now you must be thinking I am a spammer or din't follow guidelines or I just don't know how to use twitter. 
Well - all my suspended twitter accounts got resumed - I hope that clarifies your doubts that I do know how to use it.

So here is the back drop -
1. I have never spammed.
2. 3 out of 5 were corporate accounts so there was no scope of any malicious activity, very selective tweets. 
3. Have never used automated (or shady) softwares. 
4. Never went for bulk follows or unfollows, max on a day went till 20-30
5. One of my accounts got suspended even before I could email verify it - Strange as hell.
6. Was not doing any cross tweets, marketing.  
7. All accounts were decent, different from each other, not serial accounts (over a period of 7 months)
8. No duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account. 

My only guess as to why my accounts were being suspended was that twitter tracks IP and so they thought it was a serial or spam account. 

Basically everything I was doing was within the boundaries of twitter leaving me to think
"Why has my Twitter account been suspended for no reason, What did I do?" 

Anyways - Once you are out of the deluded frustration, You'd want to get your account back. 
I got all of my accounts back, So am pretty good at this one :D

How to contest your twitter account suspension?

Raise a support ticket immediately, whether or not you have received a suspension email from them. Explain clearly why your account should not have been suspended. Please don't be a smart ***. This is business. 

You'll get response from someone in twitter team soon and hopefully if you have not violated any rules, your account will be resumed. This process might take 2-5 days. Keep checking your ticket status and respond suitably. (Here

Don't panic, like I did the first 2-3 times. If you are alright, they'll resume it hopefully.

Oh and why were my accounts suspended, Every time same reply - 
"Falsely caught is a spam cloud" 

Do you also have a twitter account suspension story? Share it with everybody! 

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  1. Hi am a student journalism student at The New School and am doing a story about people whose accounts have been shut down by Twitter. I am really interested in your unusual story Would it be fine if I contact you offline? You may contact me at


  2. Hi! i have recently experienced something similar.. had an account that was suspended by error and sent me email that they will restore it in "1h or so"..have been 3 days since..made another account the second day i was suspended coz i wanted to talk to my friend there..lasted only few hours...the enxt day i made another one..lasted till the day my case as urs? i mean..twitter tracks IP and so they thought it was a serial or spam account? i didn't break any other rule... what should i do? how do i explain this to them so that they will restore it...thank you T_T

  3. I run/manage a number of websites for a living, and a big part of that is setting up Twitter accounts for each site. I have 19 Twitter accounts at present - all on different subjects. Every time since the fifth account any account I create gets suspended. Twitter always give the same reason - that I'm creating multiple accounts on the same subject - before realising they're not on the same subject & unsuspending them after a few days.

    They obviously apply blanket filters that don't consider circumstance, and it is incredibly annoying!

  4. I have just had my account suspended 3 days prior to an election.

    My posts were to some degree repetitious but they were a political message which would reach different demographics at different times of the day across the under hashtags.

    If you check the spam act political communication is exempt of the spam act.

    There were no monies derived from the tweets. About 10-20 per day. There was no personal attacks and many tweets that were @ were television programs.

    It also appears Twitter is removing posts with hyperlinks to particular websites which may impact powerful lobby groups in the US. So much for free speech.

    Meanwhile the porn spam bots continue under the same hashtag along with the some vial language poster with the most vitriol of language.

    Id say I was reported by someone with enough sway to have me canned 2 days prior the election.

    I cant see Twitter surviving under this reporting model. Business will need several accounts to prevent suspension.

    Now that Twitter are implementing advertising it will only take one of the other big dotcoms to release and improved version before complete collapse.

    If I were business I wouldn't invest the time with such volatility in the reporting procedure.

    It appears someone with power has had me suspended at a whim.

    I cant see Twitter sustaining long term business.

    Its a lot to lose.