Set Up Facebook Vanity URL - Get Username for Your Page

Facebook offers opportunity to set unique custom usersnames (Vanity Urls) for your profile or page. If you haven't already set up your username then the url would look something like

When you acquire the Username it would become (or whatever desired was available, usernames on facebook are subject to availability as they have to be unique)

Needless to say, its helpful in SEO & majorly in Branding your services online.

How to get customized facebook URLs for your page?

Sign in your facebook and go to this link:

Select your profile or page you want to get the Vanity Url for and Check for availability of your desired username. Once found - Your are set!

  • Only Pages with 25 or more fans / likes are eligible for customized url's.
  • Once set, you can't change the URL or make any modifications to it. Be careful while selecting.
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  1. @Lana Gramlich

    You must try again, I just customized a URL two days back.

    Send me a scrn shot of the page if it still does not work for you vandana[at]