Two Awesome Ways to Find Duplicate Page Titles [How - To]

As anybody in SEO knows pretty well, Page Title is one of the most important element in optimizing for search. It is high-priority on Google's list as well as Bing and Yahoo. They serve two main purposes - 1. Getting you in SERP's (Search Engine Ranking Positions) and 2. Making the searcher click on your listing (if written with focus). Ergo, two most important aspects are covered by it, your search engine rankings and your CTR for organic listings.

Google recommends all Page Titles to be different and unique in order to avoid factors referring to a page as duplicate. It helps the search engines give due credibility to the original pages and not split up points or penalize the site. Note: There are many more factors that calls for duplication, not page titles alone. But it is highly significant to have separate page titles nevertheless. Large portals, e-commerce sites face these issues in abundance due to similar product ranges, manufacturer content and more. If you have thousands of pages indexed on the site, it's crucial that you do a page title duplication check. Here are two effective ways of how to check duplicate page titles.

1. Google Webmaster Tools (I love these people, I do)

Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and under Diagnostics > HTML suggestions you will find Google's own analysis of the indexed pages with duplicate page titles and other meta content including description. What more can you ask for. You can further export the list of URLs in CSV and work through it. Easy?

Traditionally used to check broken links, it can very well be used to identify similar page titles. Just run your site and then sort the TITLE heading ... all the similar page titles will group together. It will even include the image titles and all.

You may have to be patient with Xenu in case of large sites in order to take into account all links, but it'll get the work done!

I have tried and tested both these duplicate page title finder tools. Both have their own advantages, in fact, it's better to use the two together for a thorough approach and iron out any loopholes.

Please share your ideas and experiences to find duplicate page titles or other duplicate content too!


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