How to Get Stats on Your Blogger Dashboard

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Wouldn't we love to have the stats show right up there on our Blogger dashboard (much like Wordpress but only better) without bothering to login to an external client like statcounter etc.

Its really simple actually.

Step 1 - Sign in your blogger.

Step 2 - Scroll right down to the bottom. You will see this "Blogger in Draft" link. Hit it.

Step 3 - Your Stats are ready for you! Wasn't that easy.

Step 4 - You will see this Check box on top. Incase you want to keep the blogger in draft settings all the time. Check it.

Stats in Blogger are a lot similar to Google analytics, but less comprehensive. But really great for beginners or otherwise.
On the con side - Your own visits to the blog would be counted. I haven't found a way out yet but till then you know how to do the little calculation :) [Update: I did find out How to Stop Counting own Visits on Blogger Stats]

Whats "Blogger in Draft" really?
Blogger in draft is a special version of Blogger where the developers try out new features before releasing them to everyone. Think of it as a sandbox, or laboratory, or just “Blogger + new things.” By taking our feedback and looking at what works and what doesn’t, they are able to make features that much better before releasing to everyone. Don't worry, it would not create any sudden mishaps on your blog. They might withdraw certain feats but that does not affect rest of the blog

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  1. I have been using blogger in draft for quite sometime. very impressive it is. Thanks fo writing a post on it