Correct Twitter Profile Image Size

What is the best resolution/size for a twitter profile picture?
This is going to be a quick little post. For all the social media blokes trying to fit in that perfect Twitter profile pic and struggling to not see a cropped, ill-fitted display picture... here is the trick.
You can upload any format or size (but as mentioned by Twitter) as long as you have a square image. Yes! That simple.
Twitter will automatically compress the image to fit in perfectly on the profile - whether it is the one on profile or the little thumbnails that show on the timeline.
So bottom line, SQUARE shaped image needs to be uploaded i.e. equal length and breadth.

Go ahead, try it. Come back and give your feedback if it works (or doesn't work)! :)


  1. Spot on or should I say square on haha lol ;) cheers

  2. Great! Thank you

  3. How about getting the image to scale to fit like it does on Facebook?

    My square image is up on Twitter but I can't get it to scale to fit. Any suggestions?

  4. Awesome! It worked, i follow back