How to Use Technology to Stay Updated - Remain on Top of Your Work Field

Often you must have felt Outdated or Less in loop of Work and current happenings in spite of being from that industry, for that matter any walk of life. One does want to do it but again, chasing information becomes a problem – where to go, spend considerable time surfing the net, spend money and what not. All these become the ifs and buts of the lazy mind and thus end up being neglected.

Just being good at what you do is not enough these days. It’s equally important to Stay Up to date with latest happenings and information about your Industry & ancillaries especially if you are related to the every second changing Technology & Web Industry.

Thanks to Technology again, it’s become quite easy today. You don’t need to chase the information, it comes to you!

These are some easily and freely available ways that you can use to gather information automatically –

RSS Feeds
Every Site & Blog today has RSS / Atom Feeds to syndicate content. Just subscribe to it. Popular options to read RSS feeds on are 1. Inbox 2. Outlook RSS feeds 3. Your RSS Reader like Google Reader, Bloglines etc. Choose the one which is most convenient to you.

Google Alerts
This is my most favorite one. As if now, my Google alert count is 37. It sounds a lot maybe, but I can easily say that I know everything before my boss does :) .
How to Set up Google Alerts? Well that’s easy...

Go to > Fill the Search Term / Keywords You want to be notified about and enter other settings as suitable > Click Create Alert.
Tip: Remember like Search engines, Google alerts also differentiate between just BLOGGING TIPS or “BLOGGING TIPS”. Read in Detail here 

Be a Smart Surfer
Every time you are surfing and come across a blog or site which seems of interest or help, you must subscribe to its Newsletter or RSS Feeds. Indefinitely. I know we don’t like our inboxes to be junked, but it’s always an option to unsubscribe in case you want to in future – much better than trying to find the site later.

Use Social Media to the Max
As every main blog / site is now on social media mainly Twitter & Facebook you can follow or fan them and automatically new information about it would start showing in your timelines. Easy, Right?

Subscribe to Industry Leaders
Industry Leaders, e.g Mashable for Social Media, Engadget for Gadgets are not only information carriers but trend setters and opinion pools. Subscribe to them in one or the other way (from above)

Use all these methods and find out whether you had more information in the next meeting or someone else?


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