How to Make Blogger Template More Search Engine (SEO) Friendly

Though my site is hosted on blogger, I will be honest and not fail to say that I find Wordpress much more search engine welcoming then blogger, the results sometimes amaze me. It’s not just because of the add-ons they offer but also the basic structure of templates is built that way. But Blogger is not far either; some tweaks can bring you at par with Wordpress quite fast. They have definitely helped my nascent blog. Instead of searching for a SEO friendly Blogger Template, you can just make a couple of improvements in existing one and it's good to go! How have I made my blogger template more search engine friendly? Let’s Roll - 

Add Meta Content
Add relevant Meta Data to make your blogger site more search engine optimized i.e. Meta Description & Meta Keywords. Make sure your Meta description is in form of sentence and legible long tail phrase instead of keywords. That’s how search engines prefer it. Save the Keywords for Meta Keywords area. Keep Meta description below 160 characters to be crisp, readable and avoid truncation.

Page Title Structure
Change the Page Titles from bloggers default setting i.e. [Blog title + Post Title] to only 
[Post Title] or [Post title + Blog title]
The first 6-7 words of your blog and page title are most important search strings for bots along with readability for users. For Example if your blog name is TechPeckXYZ and Your post is ‘How to Earn Money Online in an easy way’ then this should be your Page Title: [How to make money online in an easy way | Teckpeckxyz ]
instead of how its on blogger by default  [Techpeckxyz | How to make money online in an easy way]
Its much more of an issue when your Titles are longer, therefore its better to have post titles in start. 

Add H1, H2 Tags
Change your H1, H2 tags. Especially H1 tags. Usually Blogger by default assigns h2 or h3 tags to your post titles. YOU REALLY DON’T WANT THAT as that is exactly what you want to be searched on at first place ‘your posts’. Change Your Post title tags to H1 for sure.

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  1. I will try this to my new blog and I hope it works. I'm new to this so its a bit complicated for me.
    --The Triond Experiment

  2. Such a wonderful post , I read it and just now fix my Top Web Hosting blog, Change the default page title, h2 h3 tag to h1.But can you tell me, how to use meta tag for each post, I know a way , that have to manually place meta keyword and meta description for every single post but It's annoying, Do you any other method?

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  4. Amazing article...i know programming but don't know how to optimize site for search engines...after reading your blog articles i am some what confident..great information...

  5. Great article, it will help me to get SEO rank. thanks!!

  6. nice post...This article would really help me..
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