Facebook Contact Importer Tool - Easy Way to Use Email Lists to Increase Your Fan Base

Update: Those who can't find Facebook Contact Importer Tool in new design, scroll down the post to find out.
Facebook recently added a new feature to its fan pages. A Facebook Contact Importer Tool which will help you send invites to your Selected Email List. Lot of fan page admins must have already seen this notification on top of the page.

The feature works just like the how we find our friends through importing contacts from our address books as a person on facebook or other sites. After importing the list all the non fans of your page will be shown and you can select who all the invitation to join needs to be sent. Quite simple.

You can either upload a .CSV file (mostly) or Import directly through your web email address book like that of Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. For desktop clients like Outlook, outlook express you will need to first export your address books and save them as csv files and then upload to this contact uploader. A detailed step by step guide for all is given like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac, Palm etc during the process itself.

Its a very convenient tool to use and makes your contact management really easy. Imagine wanting all your previous clients know about your facebook page? No need to use the Email blasters or anything! 3-4 clicks and all your clients would know about your facebook page. A must use tool for people with New Facebook fan pages to get the initial number of Fans.

If you don't see the notification on top of your page, just go to Edit page and find Contact Importer.

How to use Facebook Contact Importer for Feedburner Email Subscribers? 
If you want to Send invitations to your Feedburner Email List through Facebook Contact Importer, as most of us use it for Syndication. Here's what to do -
Sign in to Feedburner > Go to your Feed > Click on Publicize > Under Email Subscriptions click on Subscription management > Scroll down and Find View Subscriber Details > Now click on Export CSV  and get your list to be uploaded on Facebook!

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Update: New Location of Contact Importer - November 30th 2010
For all those who could not find the Contact Importer recently finally Facebook has added it again in new panel. So where is that MISSING Facebook contact importer now?
Go to Edit Page > Marketing > Tell Your Fans.  


  1. Where the heck is the Contact Importer tool now? I cannot find it in any of the areas available when clicking Edit Page on the pages I admin.

    I see it on newer pages on the Get Started tab, but not for established pages that don't have the Get Started tab anymore.


  2. @Anonymous
    Yep Andrea, I have been intrigued about it as well. Since facebook has made recent changes in Edit Page panel, it's missing. Looking into it. If find a solution will post here. :)

  3. @Anonymous
    Hey Andrea, You can find facebook contact importer easily now! Check the end of the post.

  4. Hi,

    does this tool send E-Mails to my contacts E-Mail Adresses or does it only invite matching conacts on facebook? I did not manage to send an invitation to any of my e-mail adresses.

    any clue?

  5. @Anonymous
    Hey, I am pretty sure it sends to everybody - I had used it before. But I tested again just now to reconfirm and it did work for me

  6. Where the heck is the Contact Importer tool now?

  7. @Anonymous

    Please read the bottom of the post. I have updated the new location of importer long back. I hope that helps.

  8. New location is no longer available... any ideas?

  9. @Anonymous

    Hey, I just checked again a second back. It's right there.
    Go to Edit Page > Marketing > Tell Your Friends

  10. What about Super Tell A Friend PRO?