Interesting little Gmail Tip with Giant Uses!

A lot of you must have heard or read about this Gmail Hack (or probably a feature) which can be really useful for management of emails and other linked accounts. It can be a fine answer to "how to to manage gmail account better"

Here we go -

Lets say, This is your gmail email id:

Now, These are also your Gmail Ids

Well Gmail does not identify the [.] character. It only reads the sequence of letters. So you can insert the [.] anywhere on the Email id (even multiple) and the email shot will always reach your main inbox i.e.
That was the first hack.

Another way for creating similar email id's is -
All these are also same and you will end up receiving email to your main inbox again i.e.

How can you use this gmail feature?
1. You can have your social media or registrations on other sites linked to these email id's. For e.g. you can create multiple twitter accounts with the single email id using the feature. No need to create number of email id's. (It's been six months since I am using this modified email id with a twitter account and I have had no issues till date, I hope it goes on)

2. Instead of using x no. of email address and inboxes on various sites, all your email management can be routed to this one inbox. If you label the different id's to related tags (labels as called in gmail), you can have a much smoother email time. Like I route all my twitter emails to whereas my actual id is
The labeling option combined with this gmail id hack helps me easily identify the reason and source of email.

Thats that for now. Looking forward to comments if that was helpful! 


  1. great tip to share with others! i use this all the time. this can also be used to filter out spam or to manage your emails better!

  2. @Vee...

    Totally, I have been really awed by this Gmail feature and use it immensely. Was worth Sharing.