7 Must Have Firefox AddOns to Make Your Online Life Much Easier

BEST FIREFOX ADDONS for your daily needs

If you are new to Blogging or Internet marketing, chances are that a lot of your useful time is wasted in operational & trivial stuff. Like when you want to capture a particular part of the web page so you end up Print Screening and then using a photo editor to crop image and then save it back. Maybe one or two such requirements a day won’t be a hassle but what if you have to deal with trivial stuff in BULK everyday!

Firefox is awesome – It’s a God gift to people who want to increase efficiency and cut down on redundant time. (Google Chrome is trying to catch up, but I still recommend Firefox due to the vast number of Add Ons already available.)

Here’s a List of Top Firefox AddOn’s I just can’t do without, they’ll make your work much more convenient – Trust me, they are damn useful

1. Fireshot
You can capture any web page with fireshot in one click and save the image as per your choice in whatever format (png, jpeg, bmp etc). Great part about Fireshot is that you can directly send the captured images through email, or upload it to the web or open in external editor. Captures Flash as well. Can be used from Navigation tool bar as well as Bottom bar.

2. Pixlr Grabber 
Another great FireFox addon to capture web pages. Quite similar to Fireshot but lets you save in only PNG form. What's great about Pixlr Grabber? It lets you see the Dimensions of any defined area on the page making it a great tool for designers and bloggers to customize according to the given size.

3. Shorten URL
It lets you shorten long URL from context menu or toolbar button with your selected URL shortener and display the result in location bar. Supports more than 100 URL shorteners. (I use Bit.ly). Its a great addon because it allows to convert any damn webpage into a bit.ly (or whatever you choose) short link and thus makes it easy to place it anywhere like Twitter, Facebook etc.
Tip: If you use Bit.ly for all your short links, it becomes easier to track the click rate through Bit.ly site or the next add on I talk about.

4. Bit.ly Preview
Its simple, if you have this add on and mouse hover any Bit.ly link on the webpage, you'll get to see the original link and the Number of clicks on that link. Makes it easy for you to track which of your sent out links are more popular and analyze your content strategy. I just love this one. 
Tip: Place any Bit.ly short link on your location bar uptop, add +1 to its end and you will see the number of clicks for that link.

5. Morning Coffee 
How easy it would be to not type in or find the URLs of the sites you visit all the time? I have to  necessarily go through 15 websites everyday. Thank god for Morning Coffee Addon that I don't have to remember or manually open everything everyday I start my comp. Just hit it and all sites (pre set) will open at once in tabs.

6. Firebug
If you want to understand CSS, HTML etc then Firebug will put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. All the developers & designers I know use it. It might not be of a great usage if you are a non technical person, but can be very handy in understanding your blogs & sites.

7. Bookmark-let by Hootsuite: Hootlet 
If you are a massive twitter user (& Hootsuite user) I'd say you get this handy bookmarklet on your browser. It opens into a pop up window with the Title of the Page attached with the page's Hootsuite URL (ht.ly, ow.ly). You don't have to type in the text anymore or manually shorten the URL, It's all there! Can be edited as per your need. I use it for the Title Text , remove the hootsuite url and add my bit.ly one. 
It all adds up!


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