How to UnTrack Own Visits from Blogger Stats

So like I was contemplating on my 'How to get stats on your blogger dashboard' post -  I did figure out how to stop tracking own Pageviews in blogger stats. Easy as it is.

On your Stats Page > Overview > Right Section of the page (Below the Today, Yesterday etc Stats), You will see this link
'Don't Track Your Own Page Views'

Click on it and Mark your preference for the blog.

Please make sure that every time you delete your browsing history, cache or cookies - you should go through the same process again. As Untracking is happening due to Blocking of Cookies. 

Secondly if you are the one to use two or more browsers on the same work station then do it for every browser. 


  1. Thank you - that's brilliant! (But how does it recognise my visits?)

  2. Thanks Judy! They block the browser cookies that you are using. If you are using more then one browser on the comp or multiple comps, make sure you do the undergo the same steps.