The New DIGG Version 4. - REVIEWED!

New Digg Version 4 Review
I have to say that I have always been intrigued by Digg, but never really used it that much – Probably because it lacks the ‘Instant Gratification’ factor in terms of Traffic unlike Twitter & Facebook unless you hit on a rock of a link. Though I have seen visits to my blogs from digg, but over a period of Time.

Moving on – The New DIGG here. DIGG Version 4. Whether it saves the company or breaks it, will be decided in coming months.
A quick review & round up on the new digg –

Twitter Login
First thing one might notice, or atleast I did was that it has Twitter Login too now, along with Facebook. Yay to that. (+1)

Improvised & 3 Step Digg Submission
This is one great thing on the new digg, they have made digging posts really user friendly, right uptop and a three step process Submit link > Add description > Choose category and You are done. (+1)

Follow your favorite Diggers
In already much imitated Twitter style, now you can follow your favorite people. You can see what they have Dugg and links they have submitted under the MY NEWS link up top. This means I can filter stuff what I like to read (+1 to that too.)
On the contrary isn’t that the same thing we do on all other social networks now like Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook and Rss on Readers, what’s new? Same links would be rotated everywhere! In this process Digg has just lost its identity. (-1 to that)

They are Suggesting people to follow - Another familiar sounding feature? (+-1)

Top Diggers has been removed. Was it really that bad a feature? - Apparently focus is on Personalised streaming of Content (Big -1)

Upcoming Diggs Section is also removed. Din’t see it anywhere till now (-1)

My Favorite feature? Import Feeds under Settings – Allows one to submit their RSS feed link and automatically the new posts are dugg. Awesome (+1)
On the con side – This will increase Spamming and irrelevant postings to great extent and lot less visits to Digg (-1)

(Update) - On trying to find my Tweets oops...Diggs
Its really difficult to figure out where to go and see your profile from unless you have figured out it first go. More precisely if you are looking for your own diggs then you are looking for that link which you can't seem to find unless you click on the Tiny Profile Image on Top Bar. (Newest -1)

And yes, Don’t get bugged by the many ‘bugs’ on the new site right now (-1) … New system Start up jitters?
Whats the Graph like for Digg now, we’ll find out soon. (Update: It's already out! Read how Diggers are showing protest for the New Version!)

How about sharing with everyone your personal digg 4.0 experience?!


  1. Yep, I agree DIGG is loosing identity by becoming twitter like.

  2. Artigos muito interessantes! Eu gosto.

  3. Very interesting articles! I like it.