Wordpress Partners with Zemanta - Add Relevant Photos & links with a click!

Wordpress.com is making some giant tweaks in these days making itself much more easier and user friendly. Latest addition is it's Integration with Zemanta
Its a really cool feature where when you add a post to your blog (in visual mode, not html) you get relevant Photos and other articles of similar nature which can be linked directly in your post.

"Once you’ve activated Zemanta, you’ll see several new widgets on your edit screen that let you quickly add recommended links, photos, tags, and articles. With just a few clicks your post goes from simple to snazzy. "

How to Activate Zemanta?

First - Go to your PERSONAL SETTINGS in Wordpress dashboard.

On Personal Setting Page, Scroll down till you see 'Additional Post Content'

Check it, Scroll down further and click SAVE CHANGES.  Then move to Add New Post.

Find your Zemanta Widget in the Right panel. Always remember that Zemanta will show recommendations only in Visual Mode, not HTML. After entering few initial words, hit 'Update' on the Zemanta Widget and you'll start seeing a host of relevant Photos and articles that you can easily drag and link in your own post for more references and credibility.

Bottom Line: You save plenty of time from not googling the right pictures & content to back up your post. It's right there!


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