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Get Sharing & Bookmarking Links on Your Wordpress Blog NOW!
Wordpress is on a roll! Every day a new announcement. My last How to get Tweet button on Wordpress post now becomes obsolete with in 2 days, thanks to WP!

Finally they have introduced the much awaited, asked and prayed for -  Bookmarking links - all over your blog! I am totally thrilled as 6 of my blogs are hosted there :)
Moving on -
To get these SHARING links on your blog - Go to Settings > Sharing in your left panel of the WP dashboard.

Now Just drag the links you want on your posts. You can select whether you want it on just the posts or index pages as well. And your Sharing links are READY!

You can also add another Sharing site then those pre-fed on WP. 

While I am writing this post a new announcement has been made about 'Instant communication of posts and comments with Jabber' - I wonder whats with the aggressive development spree, not that am complaining... Just love it :)

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